Q&A Do You Have Additional Resources for Overcoming Gaslighting?

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We are currently in Married for Life and have been working the AR program faithfully. The program has been invaluable. For many of the couples one subject that doesn’t seem to be discussed much is gaslighting. We’ve searched the library and tried to find information but nothing seems to really hit the topic in a way that speaks to the nuances of gaslighting. There is a lot information about lying and manipulation but gaslighting feels very different. The lies make you lose trust in your partner but gaslighting makes you lose trust in yourself. Many of us spoke to the common experience of feeling like we were literally going crazy. Do you have any resources or discussion points to help aid couples in dealing with this unique part of the recovery process?



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All I know is that I was coerced into going to the doctor because he said I was crazy and that since my mother was bipolar, I must be, too. All of this in front of our son who was 18 at the time.

that's horrible. And sounds

that's horrible. And sounds like manipulative gas lighting to me.

And I'm not even one to talk because I was an unfaithful spouse.

But you're not crazy

What type of affair was it?

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