Q&A Does Experimental Same Sex Acting Out Require Special Layers or Nuances to the Recovery Process?

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My spouse & I recently started the EMS Online course. I'm the betrayed spouse and I have some questions about a same sex friendship that I have some minor red flags with. From my perspective, if indeed there was only some minor experimental behavior, I wouldn't be any more hurt or insulted than any other keeping of secrets. I have no concern that my spouse has any innate or repressed desire for same sex partners or identifies in a secretive manner. My only concerns would be if the behavior wasn't really done out of temporary curiosity but as a result of the prodding or encouragement of some (opposite sex to my spouse) affair partner and/or that social or family of origin conditioning make it too shameful for them to admit to. If only minor experimental acting out has occurred does this require additional layers to the recovery process that, unless addressed, can become major stumbling blocks to recovery? Secondly, would it be a mistake and overly enabling if after explaining that as long as there wasn't anything else going on that I can understand and empathize with how difficult that topic might be and that I forgive them so that the topic doesn't the hold the weight it might otherwise hold and can be more easily dealt with and dismissed by my spouse?



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