Q&A Should I Actively Fight my Apathy Towards my Husband or Will it Break Down Naturally?

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Dear Leslie and John, I am about 8.5 months out from DDay when my husband confessed his 8 month long affair, his regular use of pornography for the entire length of our marriage (11 years), relationships with women he met online along with a host of other lies throughout our marriage. He is completely repentant, is currently participating in a Hope For Healing course and is doing all the "right" things. The problem is that I just don't care. I'm trying to not be mean to him, but right now I have no interest in hanging out with him, although I force myself to so that I can try to see if a new marriage can be created. I listen to what he's learning in his course but it doesn't make me feel good or hopeful. It doesn't make me feel anything. I'm wondering if this apathy/hard-heartedness will eventually break down, or is this something I need to really fight? It's hard to fight something that I don't really want to. It's hard to want to care about something that I don't really care about. Thanks for any direction or advice you can offer.



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