Q&A How Do I Manage My Triggers?

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I'm at a critical crossroads in my recovery. I'm running out of hope. I'm the betrayed and it's been 10 months post-D-Day. My wife and I have been through Boot Camp, EMS Weekend (in April), Beyond EMS and Married for Life. We made a commitment to make it to this point and to help each other heal. My wife has worked really hard at all the exercises and has helped many others on the forums. She has had no further contact with her AP since D-Day last Labor Day. I believe she is being safe, transparent, and truly sorry for what she did. She also is interviewing for a new job and has agreed to sell the car as soon as we can. We have tried to reclaim as many things as we can.

I wanted her to be strong enough to handle whatever eventual outcome we have for our marriage and also for the sake of our 3 kids. Her recovery is going well. Mine is hampered by constant triggers. I had 2 this week that lasted for 5 days, they left me exhausted from no sleep, sad, and with less resolve to keep fighting. The triggers come from unexpected events and have nothing to do with anything she directly did that might have brought them on.

I fear they will keep coming and I will never be able to recover and finally start living a normal life again. How can I manage these triggers?



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