Q&A How Do I Move past Him Not Telling Me He Loves Me?

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We are 11 months out from D-Day. I'm the betrayed. After EMS, my husband was very loving and affectionate. He often told me that he loved him and would send random "I love you" texts. Some months ago, my husband stopped telling me he loved me and the random texts stopped. He is still affectionate toward me, however, he just doesn't tell me that he loves me. I tell him often and he always says it back, but he has stopped initiating. Three weeks ago, I broached the topic and told him that it bothers me that he stopped telling me he loves me. He said that he will tell me when he wants to or when he is ready and that I can't pressure him into saying it. I don't feel like I am pressuring him. I feel like he is withholding something from me that I have said is very important to me. Today, he wanted me to explain to him why it was so important to me. I didn't participate in the conversation, because it felt very much like an interrogation. I also do not feel like I should have to explain. I feel a lot of resentment right now toward my husband. I forgave him for his affairs and years of betrayal. I'm actively participating in recovery. All I ask is to be told that I am loved and it's hurtful that he is unwilling to do that for me. How do I move on from this?



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