Q&A If I Share My Fears With My Spouse, Will That Hold Us Back?

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Hi Rick, I want to know if it is a better choice to keep my "deep down worries and fears" from my unfaithful husband, now that he has shown consistent progress over about 8 months? I have understanding that these fears are a result of the trauma inflicted by his betrayal, blindsided by the discovery, poor initial recovery, and the "general damage emotional affairs cause”. I'm not pretending normal, but feel that now; I'm at a crossroads of what might be a healthier choice to keep to myself vs sharing. Sometimes if I share deep fears, it causes him to feel like he has made little progress on his recovery and seems to allow shame and despair to creep back in. How do I accept a "normal but scary trigger " as normal, and not share or share and know it's going to bring some distress back into our lives for a while?



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