Q&A Is It Appropriate to Ask the Wayward Spouse to Take a Polygraph?

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My husband has been a compulsive liar for almost his entire life. This is also true of disclosure. There actually wasn't disclosure as everything I found out was by me digging or finding texts or investigating, he has never disclosed anything on his own. The first D-day was 4 years ago and the last D-day was 6 months ago. And every time I found out new info he professes that I now know everything. how can I possibly believe that when it has all been lies. I have asked many times for a lie detector and he always says yes but obviously after 4 yrs he still hasn't taken one. I feel like if he takes a test that is the only way I can truly know he is telling the truth and will have a point of truth to start with. We begin our EMS Online group this week. Am I crazy for asking him to take a test?



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