Q&A Is It Possible That My Wayward Spouse to Become More Ambivalent?

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Is it possible that my husband could be getting more and more ambivalent as we go on in this program? We're definitely being nicer to each other and things are better in an existence-level way, but he is becoming more and more detached from me. He gives no little signs that he loves me... no affectionate touches, no loving smiles, and basically no kisses unless I'm leaving in the morning, and not even that today. We are sleeping in separate bedrooms and had sex recently, but after, he said he wasn't sure he wanted me to move back into the bedroom. He's super nice to me these days but in a way that feels more like distance than doing it because he cares about me and wants to fix things. Could he be planning his exit as soon as we get done with this program?



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