Q&A Is It Possible to Not Get Annoyed or Impatient with Your Spouse?

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I am the unfaithful. I have a question: Is it possible to not get annoyed or impatient with your spouse 100% of the time. My spouse will do little things like repeat a question that I just asked or sing the same verse of a song over and over again, which annoys me...but only for a moment. She says that I have a look on my face and that she feels judged when I look at her a certain way which in turn makes her feel horrible. I tell her that I'm not perfect and that I do get annoyed but only in that moment. I process the feelings then move forward with the conversation and usually forget about it in a few minutes. She is devastated every time I get annoyed with her. I tried using the phrase my mate is not the problem she only reveals the problem in me but she says that doesn't apply here. I tell her that my annoyance is a snapshot in time but she can't live with me knowing that I get annoyed at her at times and she's thinking of leaving for that reason. How do I stop being annoyed and judgmental?



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