Q&A Have We Traded One Self Centered Lifestyle for Another?

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Hello, it's been about 7 months since discovery. We did EMSO and are in the after care. My question is this, I have full disclosure and my husband has been in individual counseling for the last 6 months. Part of his counseling has brought him to see the negative influences from his childhood and how it attributes to the infidelity. However, it seems that every time we have an issue discussing the infidelity, those childhood circumstances are the crutch. I feel that we have just traded one self-centered lifestyle for another. I usually flood when this happens and I have to stop because the anger is bordering on rage. I want to tell him, this isn't about you and your past it's about me and how I feel and how I carry this with me every day and how much pain and anger you have caused, but in response I would get, I'm trying and I'm making changes. It's all just too much to handle on days. Do you have any advice or words of encouragement?



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