Q&A Why Isn't My Wayward Spouse Pursuing Me?

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My husband’s affair ended over a year ago. He has alot of excuses for why he won't do anything for me. Amongst those are the way I act. He says, “I'm too busy fighting with you to do anything.” He bought his AP motel rooms and drove 45 miles to see her but he is not willing to pursue me, doesn't plan dates, and he's certainly never got motel rooms for us. He says it's because I don't enjoy having sex with him which is not true. We are enrolled in EMS Online but he waits for the last minute to complete the reading assignments. I feel like he can't possibly be sorry when he argues everything. He says he's in no hurry to complete assignments when I don't practice any of it. I can't open my heart to him without feeling chosen and he has so many reasons to why he won't. Where do we go from hear?



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