Q&A Is There Anything I Can Do to Help Him Work through His Struggles - Which in Turn Will Help Our Marriage?

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I am at a loss with how to process my husband's detachment, passivity, lack of empathy - and daily comments about how much of a problem I am. From the way I walk to the way I talk - he typically responds in a negative way. Most days since the day of discovery, he is commenting on how I am making it impossible to move forward. Sadly - he really seems to identify himself as a victim, with me as his attacker. Nothing could be farther from the truth. He is the betrayer - and I have been lovingly trying to hold him up as much as I can. But - I am tired and starting to get angry. Obviously communication is strained - so my question is this - Is there anything I can do to help him work through his struggles - which in turn will help our marriage? Because I fear if he doesn't deal with himself, and stop focusing on me judgmentally, our marriage will not recover.



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