Q&A How Do I Reengage and Begin Moving Forward Again?

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My husband and I are about half-way through EMS Online. We are 6 months out from the initial D-Day, and 2 months from 2nd D-day which got us to ground zero. My husband was the wayward spouse. He had an 8 month emotional and physical affair, used pornography secretly throughout our 5 year marriage, and had a 5 year dating relationship prior to that. Although we have made progress and are committed to the marriage and recovery, I have been feeling "stuck" and "plateaued" in the recovery process for about the last month. During this time I have also experienced a resurgence of intrusive thoughts, specifically about the affair partner. My husband isn't being pushy, but he thinks I am overthinking and preventing myself from moving forward. Is it normal for betrayed spouses to feel this way during recovery? How do I reengage and begin moving forward again?



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