Q&A Should the Unfaithful's Spouse's Story Make Sense?

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Should there be an element of, at least, unhealthy logic in the unfaithful’s story? All information seems contradicting. Multiple text messages that appear unprovoked and genuine where he tells her how much he loves her. He tells me that he never loved or even thought he did. He says he saw her as an ally, the only person who understood him (he had become unhealthy and revenge seeking). He thought everyone else was leaving him-me included. He was actually pushing everyone away who had any part in his life prior to job termination. He says he felt guilty but also says he saw me as already gone (although there was nothing to give him this impression). How can u feel guilty if you aren't doing something wrong? I.e. If I'm gone, he could date whoever he wanted. He hasn't been forthcoming with the truth. Mostly admitted to only what I had evidence for. The AP gave me most information. Nothing makes since and I can't trust him to tell the truth to myself or himself. 6 months past DDay. I feel myself losing connection or desire to even talk with him because there are no answers. Nothing changes my reality and he still responds with defensiveness, he says out of anger towards himself and her. He claims to hate her. The affair was 1 1/2 years. She counts it lasting for 1 year. The few months before that they were still in contact regularly just didn't meet in person. The longer this goes, the worse I feel and the less I find any hope to reconcile.



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