Q&A Should We Disclose the Affairs with Our Children?

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My husband cheated on me with 4 one night stands within the first 10 years of our marriage, and had many other affairs throughout our marriage, until I found out in the fall of 2016. We told our children that he had several emotional affairs and then a year later, when I found out about the first sexual affair, the children were told. that is all they know. I would like to have our children and their spouses sit down with our marriage counselor and I would like my husband to share more. But the kids believe it was a midlife crisis. I would like my husband to share that he an affair early on in our marriage, and then several thought-out our marriage. The ONLY PURPOSE for this is, I do not want any more family secrets. About a year into all of our discoveries, we found out that his father had done the same thing to his mother. I DO NOT WANT THIS TO HAPPEN TO MY CHILDREN. I believe things should not stay hidden, or they will not heal. I do not want this to go to the next generation, nor for them to think it could NEVER happen to them. I would also like to do it soon before anyone gets pregnant. My husband is a little reluctant on the time and the amount we should share with them.



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Thank you Rick for your

Thank you Rick for your wisdom