Q&A What Are These Somatic Sensations in My Extremities?

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For quite some time, I began to realize that the muscles of my hands and feet are continuously tight and contracted. It appears that this happens subconsciously. When I gain the awareness that the muscles are contracted, I can relax them by mindfulness or it gets relaxed when that part is working when I am using my hands or the feet. But as soon as my awareness is somewhere else, it again undergoes contraction. If the hands are working then the muscles of my feet undergo contraction and vice versa. Sometimes I find myself clenching my teeth, which probably also happens when I am asleep. I do not know if this is a manifestation of stress or a symptom of PTSD or there is some other diagnosis attached to this.



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This experience is common.

This experience is common. You are tense even without awareness as a defense mechanism. Guarded. There are articles about a heightened startle response and general physical tenseness after discovery and this is just part of it. I also had balled fists, clenched jaw - awake and while asleep, and neck aches from all the contracted muscles. All happening in my body automatically as though it was trying to protect me from a threat. As you start to feel safer in your relationship this will subside.

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