Q&A Why Was I so Interchangeable and Replaceable?

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My husband called his AP of 4 months "honey" and "love" -- the very pet names he called me in every love letter, note, card and postcard. Now he only calls me by my given name. Every time I hear that it triggers me into pain and rage. And I can't stand that he would do that. He gave something else to the AP that should only have been mine. Why would he do this? Why couldn't he call her a different term of endearment? Why was I so interchangeable and replaceable? I am so hurt. How can I get past this trigger? It has been 7 months and I find when I hear him saying my given name -- it hurts me every time. He refuses to apologize also. He just shuts down and gets cold and stonewalls. He showed a month of sincere remorse. Crying etc. Now he gets angry so easily and gets so furious with me when I am sad and mad. I don't know what to do.



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