Q&A Will I Ever Be Able to Reconnect with My Mate Again?

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We are almost 5 1/2 months from D-day, and I still do not want my husband to touch me. After 7 years of various and sundry adultery, he is now repentant and doing everything he can to show me that he is finally, after 24 years, committed to this marriage till death do us part. Much of the what I read assumes that the betrayed will allow the unfaithful to offer them physical comfort such as hugging, hand holding, soothing rubs, etc. as they go through this hell of healing. Some even speak of resuming sexual intimacy! No way! Most of the time I don't even want to make eye contact with him. Battling relentlessly with intrusive images and reminders, of which just seeing him is one, begs me ask, "How will I ever physically and mentally make it to a place where I can have peace, true peace, with him and his choice to betray me so wickedly and entirely, so that I might desire that he touch me. At all?" Inconceivable! Thanks!



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