Q&A Will We Ever Find New Life After This?

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We completed EMS Online. It's been a rough road, for both of us. But I thought we were on the other side. Now he tells me most of him is staying because of guilt, and because he loves me so much, but like a sister. He says he hasn't thought about me like a wife in a long time. And only 10% of him even wants to try anymore. He doesn't think things will ever get better, because we've seen marriage counselors before and they didn't help. And he doesn't think he can ever see me differently. I am so entirely gutted. I love this man with all my heart. Is there any getting back from this? Can he ever love me again like he did, or is he just pulling the band aid off slowly, getting ready to leave. I was so happy. I really thought things were going better. And now I'm shaking and panicking all over again.



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