Rick Reynolds, LCSW
by Rick Reynolds, LCSW
Founder & President, Affair Recovery

Hope Rising 2019: Conference for Betrayed Spouses

Hope Rising 2019 is a one-day event for betrayed spouses to be inspired with hope, practical strategies and resources as they navigate healing from infidelity. Gather with other betrayed spouses as experts, past participants, and author Shelley Martinkus speak truth into what it’s like to heal from infidelity. Find new life with a community who truly "gets it."


Shelley Martinkus, 2019's Hope Rising Keynote Speaker, would like to extend a personal invitation to YOU:

Shelley Martinkus's world changed forever when she found out about her husband's sexual addiction. God used Jason's betrayal as a catalyst for Shelley to take ownership of her own life and start to mend all the broken pieces she saw staring back at her. Shelley and Jason are now 15 years into their journey and she likes to say that her relationship with God, Jason, and others is better because of what she has overcome. She has written one book, Rescued, and co-authored two other books, Worthy of Her Trust and Understanding and Loving a Person with Sexual Addiction. Shelley, Jason, and their three young boys call Colorado home, although a part of her heart will always reside in her native homeland, Texas. You can find her at rlforwomen.com where she loves to blog and support women as they heal from sexual betrayal.

Want to know more about what this conference will offer? Hear what Rick Reynolds, President and Founder of Affair Recovery, has to say:

Curious about what kind of content will be covered during the conference? Check out the beautiful and profound apology letter written by a past participant and read by Samuel at Hope Rising 2018. We want betrayed spouses to feel loved, supported and understood. The apology letter, written by an unfaithful spouse, shows how grace, empathy, and healing are possible for those impacted by infidelity.

Apology Letter

Whether traveling across town or across the country, it takes courage to show up and seek help in facing infidelity. Questions that might be racing are “Is this worth it?” and “Is there really hope?” We believe so! Affair Recovery’s hope and prayer is that everyone feels understood and that compassion flows as you hear from other individuals who have healed from infidelity. We hope that Hope Rising is a place of comfort and support as betrayed spouses learn and grow together.

This one-day conference for betrayed spouses is expected to sell out fast, so don’t delay! Can’t make it in person? Purchase the 2019 Live Stream to be part of this incredible conference from the comfort of your home.



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Apology Letter

Samuel and all who composed that very priceless apology.
I just wanted to say thank you for the courage that you showed in reading that apology with so much compassion for every hurting and battered heart. Thank you for putting yourself out there and allowing your pain to speak for so many unfaithful that have not yet allowed the seasoning of the process to be able to put words to their pain or to have the healing to be that vulnerable. Thank you for validating and affirming us the betrayed and giving hope to continue the process.


Except as a betrayed husband I felt left out

Apologetic letter

Great job Samuel coming from a wayword spouse it says volumes.
45 years married first infidelity at the 40th year he lied till Oct 2019. Was caught messing feel ndling feeling her. Then we separated two years after he this the first infidelity for three months. Then he had first affair while we were separated at the 38 th year he lied till may 2019. He lied to my face before we got back together. Then he had an affair at the 32nd year and told me about that one because he brought something home.
So he lied about the first affair came clean on the second affair and lied about the fondling of my sister-in-law at the 40th year. He’s apologized 1 million times now about what he has done and says he at fault for why he did but he still refers to how he felt at the time being a factor in what he did. Tries to blame me in some way shape or form for his feelings. I resent that and have a hard time moving forward in therapy. He feels that I hold some countability for his affairs! Bs because he never told the truth with the first infidelity so when I left him at the second year tried to say I lied because we didn’t talk about his infidelity but the therapist told him that he had a responsibility at the time that that took place to come clean and be honest. The first affair that took place 38 years ago he lied when I got back with him he imprisoned me he took my life he took everything from me he made every memory for the last 38 years tainted I feel unloved uncared for so many things I can’t even begin to explain. So how was it an apology when someone keeps trying to put how They say they felt at that time or the way you made them feel is like not taking responsibility for this situation? Blame shifting, not taking responsibility for what you did and what made you have those feelings.

What type of affair was it?

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