Rick Reynolds, LCSW
by Rick Reynolds, LCSW
Founder & President, Affair Recovery
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Thank you!

Thank you Angela and Rodney for sharing your story! I loved Angela’s journal entry. You both have such a sweet spirit, and God’s presence radiates through you. I loved listening to you singing Healer - your music and testimony ministered to me.

We’re 6 years out from Dday. Like you, we went through all the pain, work and prayer this journey requires, including EMSO and HH. I’ve been leading a support group through B.A.N. for 5 years. Last year, my husband co-led EMSO, then we co-led a group together. We are praying for God’s leading in terms of ministering within our church.

There are layers of pain and healing in the recovery journey one cannot avoid, but must go through. You suffer, endure, heal, trust, heal some more, thrive, experience mountaintops and valleys…then the cycle continues.

Healing from infidelity is a road of submission and faith. Early on, I struggled with the costs of betrayal, which are many. But ultimately, I’ve come to accept that our Father in heaven allowed this to be our story in his wisdom, and love. Christians preach and believe that God is good - all the time; that he is a good, good Father. I think we need to broaden our understanding of what is good. God‘s goodness to us includes our transformation into the likeness of Christ, and this includes suffering and learning submission to the Father’s will. It’s a tough lesson, but experiencing the miracle and beauty of redemption is real, and ours if we pursue it.


My deep gratitude to Angela and Rodney for sharing their story so openly and so bravely. Soon to be 3 years since Dday and soooooo much of what they shared was so validating and powerful. The fact that healing is NOT linear comes as a great surprise, I think. We want things to be better, we want trust and safety to return --- but what has been stolen or so easily just given away cannot be resurrected or restored without real work, taking off the masks, and stripping off the pretense--- individually and as a couple. As the betrayed partner, I could so identify with the numbness, the fog, the general sense of collapse of the life I had known and thought was authentic and devoted. These folks are wonderful musicians and the ability to make music together is a bonus blessing for all of us. So proud of Angela and Rodney for their continuing commitment to growing themselves and their relationship. Gives me renewed hope for our continuing journey. They remind me to reach for the hand of God when everything else we're used to clinging to is frayed, or untethered.

thank you for giving me hope

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I also watched your Songs for the Soul Episode #1. Both touched me deeply and have given me hope. I have been struggling with finding myself after my D-day 1 year ago. That day resulted in me becoming a single dad and with the person whom I thought I would be sharing the rest of my life with no longer in my life. Your message has helped me and has lifted my spirit. As a fellow musician, I felt an immediate and strong connection to your music. Your voices are beautiful and your songs brought tears of joy to me. I can't thank you enough for that. I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

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