Rick Reynolds, LCSW
by Rick Reynolds, LCSW
Founder & President, Affair Recovery

Understanding Female Sexual Addiction: An Interview with a Survivor

female sexual addiction

Understanding the world of sexual addiction is a challenging task.  In this interview, Rick Reynolds, LCSW, and guest Marnie Ferree, LMFT discuss female sexual addiction.

While there is a certain stigma associated with sexual addiction, it’s highly compounded for women who are sex addicts. The shame factor for female (and male) sexual addiction is often overwhelming and necessitates expert help and safety. Internet pornography, trauma, and sexual abuse can rewire how human brains function yet what they need to heal involves nurture, acceptance and love. If you or your spouse struggle with sex addiction, I’d love for you to share a comment below with what has helped you on your journey.

Finally, if you’ve struggled with acting out in your marriage please know there is hope. The Hope for Healing program is a 17 week online course for unfaithful spouses to start you on your journey of healing and to help you regain a sense of honor. For healing after infidelity as a couple, together, check out the EMS Weekend or the EMS Online Courses.

About Marnie C. Ferree, LMFT

Marnie C. Ferree, M.A., is a licensed marriage and family therapist in Nashville, Tennessee, where she directs Bethesda Workshops, a national outreach ministry of the Woodmont Hills church and specializes in treating women with sexual addictions. Marnie and her husband David have been married since 1981, and they have two grown children and two grandchildren.




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Not, so lonely a journey for me

Because I've had great support from people like you, Rick. Thanks to you and your guest, who is absolutely right about how this disease isolates. Recovery depends on breaking this isolation through all of the ways suggested in this interview. I am healing and so is my spouse because we have reached out in every way we could think of and have had help every step of the way. I can truly say we are happier now than we ever imagined was possible. Counseling, the love of trusted friends and family, 12-step groups, and resources like Affair Recovery helped to rebuild our lives.

An affair really is an

An affair really is an addiction. If more people could see it as such, rather than a moral failure, there would be more marriages that would be able to let go of bitterness and unforgiveness and move towards healing.

Good Interview, but...

Thank you so much for the work you're both doing Rick and Marnie.
As the wife of a recovering addict, I have one a thought or two:
I know it's best not to personalize the addiction because it's an intimacy issue, but as a woman, how do I deal with the memories triggered by young women who acted out with my husband?
They were probably wounded and doing what they were doing to feel better.
Unfortunately, what responsibility do you place on them? They have hurt another woman trying to heal themselves, yet I do feel compassion and empathy. However, they don't seem to be remorseful.
It's as if it's all "the man's fault".
That's how it appears to me, so they have an excuse to not get help and be empowered to learn that they have value outside of a sexual conquest.
What's going to happen in our female friendships when so many females have become predatory, and are not being held accountable?
Thank you for your response.

What type of affair was it?

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