Q&A Can We Ever Get past This If I Know That I Don't Want to Forgive My Mate?

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My spouse cheated on me from the very beginning of our relationship until I found out about it, 4 months after we were already married. We were newlyweds and I found out that he was this completely different person than I thought I had married. We are 3.5 years from the first D-Day and so much has happened and not happened. I recently told him that I feel I am just going through the motions but have not been in this marriage since D-Day. I told him that I have still not forgiven him and I do not want to forgive him. He told me, "I haven't asked you to forgive me and I haven't expected you to... why is that necessary to work on things?" My question is; how can we ever get past this if I know that I don't want to forgive him? Can we get past this? I know I don't want to forgive him because every time I start to, new information is discovered.



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