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I’ve been through 3 D-Days over the past 8 months. The latest being a month ago and the most shocking. My husband and I have been separated for the last 2 months. He wasn’t safe for me- blaming, instilling fear, projecting his guilt. I have seen some changes in him during the separation, but the changes seem to be on the surface. When I speak to him, he is calmer, but still gets defensive. When I ask for something, he’s reluctant, but will do it he says for me. There’s an expectation in him of things I should be doing. My gut tells me to keep the distance. I haven’t seen the change in his heart yet. I think he’s trying with doing the works, but I question his motivations because he expects a positive reaction from every act he tries, like I have to accept his attempts. And I don’t like that feeling. Could you explain why I’m feeling this way? Or what he is feeling or thinking?



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