Q&A Does My Husband Have an Addiction?

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My husband has admitted to several affairs in the past once I caught him in this recent one. He admitted that one started 6 years ago. Last for a few months, stopped and went a year or so and started another one, etc. the pattern has went on for years. However the last affair which I caught him in was about 10 months. He doesn't have a sexual addiction as far as I can tell after researching that. However, there is some type of addiction that I can't figure out. He is a leader in our church and ladies compliment him often and then things go from an emotional connection to a sexual one quickly. Is there such a thing as approval /affirmation addiction? And if you've seen this before, how have you advised it be dealt with. He is a broken man now that the truth is out and he has lost his job and destroyed his reputation. I know he can stay broken for a season. I just NEVER want this to happen again. He is very much a “words of affirmation person” and I honestly think he is insecure which a huge reason he falls so easily is.



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