Q&A What Should I Do about the Double Betrayal?

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I face a double-edged betrayal. My husband of 33 years got involved in an online affair last July. I discovered it in mid Nov. He showed no remorse and was set in his fantasy. Mid-January, I discovered a massive financial loss. Emptied investment accounts & over $150k in loans taken. Total financial devastation! It turned out to be an online romance scam. "She" doesn't exist. Now says he wants restoration, but there's little, if any, fruit of repentance/remorse. He's never liked confrontation. He wants me to just get over it and says "keep it in perspective...not that big of a deal". We are in counseling, but not getting too far. He's 68 & I'm 58.



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Thank you

Thanks you so much for addressing my plight. Truly, it was so helpful and validating to have you both weigh in on my situation. I'm in week two of Harboring Hope to proceed with my own recovery...despite what my husband may, or may not do. He has begun to show a bit of remorse/repentance, at this point. Time will tell.