Q&A What Would You Recommend for Someone Who Feels like Their Main Support Group Is Coming to a Close When the Process Is Just Beginning?

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I have a lot of anxiety about my Harboring Hope group coming to a close. I feel like I'm just starting to process all that has happened and losing the support of my group feels like we are being dropped right in the middle of the storm. I have loved having my group for these past 10 weeks, but I feel like I would feel a lot more comfortable if the group lasted a good 24 weeks or at least a "part 2"...even if it was us going through the same workbook again. The support alone is so important.



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I found that I needed more

I found that I needed more support after my HH group came to a close as well. SO, I began to communicate on our small group wall about continuing to meet up. Most of the women in our group had no one else to share with as they hadn't confided in others at that time. Some still haven't and our group is their only support. We lost only 1 out of the 6 of us, she was in a time zone that she was taking a break from work to join us and it just wouldn't work out for the long term. She does follow the group wall on her own though and keeps in touch. We decided to meet at our same time. I set up a Zoom room but Google Meet is an option too. We decided we wanted some face to face time but you can also continue to use the phone call method as well you just have to set up your own call & code. We started with the book "Strong Women Soft Hearts" by Paula Rinehart. We decided to meet every other week and do 1 chapter at a time. The book has a study guide at the back but I took it upon myself to write questions out of each chapter and I posted a questions/discussions list every other week for our upcoming meeting. Honestly some days one of us was just struggling and needed support so we skipped the lesson and just listened and supported each other. We are finishing this books last chapter this week and we have decided to read "Why Won't You Apologize" by Harriett Lerner next. It's a short read so we will divide the book in half and discuss half at a time. Don't wait for someone else to start the conversation. JUST DO IT as the saying goes. I also found a website for The Betrayed Wife that offered some courses that I elected to join. That was a Blessing I hadn't counted on for sure! Good Luck and I pray you can continue on your healing journey.

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