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My unfaithful spouse asked me, “What good would it be if I tell you more when what you know?” There was four years of suspicion of an emotional affair with an employee, evidence of the inappropriateness of gifts, cards, songs, phone call and texts, with confrontations responded by him with anger, amputating my concerns. He always says they are just friends. She is a wonderful person; all we do is talk about God, family, sports and work. He began withdrawing from me working outdoors, watching sports, and late days at work, anorexia from food, fluids and intimacy of physical contact with me. Repeatedly, gently, asked what is troubling him and my sincere concerns. Answered, oh stop it, I’m fine. I went with concerns to our physician and a counselor. Five months ago he left his phone out of his pocket. I answered a text signal and confirmation from the “friend” that she was clearly more than a friend. My husband sticks to denial, anger, when confronted telling me I need help, he does not. Since HH I have courage to approach him differently stating my needs. Thank you for the care and understanding. Finally I stopped beating my head against the wall. I so desperately want to believe what my intuition led me to know what was true.



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