Q&A Am I Being Manipulated Again or Does He Truly Feel This Way?

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As a betrayed spouse I have questions, a lot of them. I want to know things, mostly I want to know why. What I’m concerned about is that my husband feels everything I do, say, ask is an attack. I don’t feel I’m attacking, I also feel I have every right to be angry, mad and have questions. I feel manipulated when he tells me I’m attacking in, which I feel is him avoiding talking about his mistakes. In the nicest way, he asked for this situation when he continued to make choices to put our family and marriage at risk. Am I being manipulated again or does he truly feel this way?



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My husband has said that

My husband has said that before. He also said that I always bring up the past come to find out he was still having the affair 20 years later. You in my opinion have every right to ask any questions and feel angry. Because the bottom line is the unfaithful did this and they planned it. It just didn't happen.