Q&A Am I Letting Myself Be Abused Again?

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My husband confessed to a three month affair with his boss while I was pregnant with our youngest son. We were doing well in EMS Online, and then Harboring Hope triggered something in his mind that lead to four days of trickle truth disclosures, lies, and then confessing the lies were lies. Included in this was the admission that he showed graphic pictures he took of me while we were having sex to his best friend while they were drinking, and then his friend reciprocated and showed pictures of his wife, my friend. I've let him back inside the house, and we're doing our homework about intimacy. Is this fixable? He's realized he's a sex addict, and we both have childhood sexual trauma. I feel like this is me letting myself be abused again. Is it? We love each other, but I can't imagine letting myself be naked with him again. What can we do? I don't think there's a book for this.



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