Q&A Are There Cases Where You Cannot Forgive and Forget?

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While I believe forgiveness is something everyone has the ability to do for themselves no matter who or what is being forgiven, I also know that forgiveness and reconciliation are two very different things. We are in EMSO and my wayward partner is working hard to heal and help me heal. However, I am ambivalent and very skeptical that even if with all the work and healing I will still not want to take the chance that he could betray me again. We have a long history scattered over 20 years of selfishness, lies, and betrayals. The betrayal that got us to EMSO feels like the straw that broke the camel's back. I just feel like I am done and that hasn’t changed since the D-Day I first found out about this last infidelity. I am not sure why I feel like I want nothing to do with my mate, this is hardly the first or worst thing that he has done in our relationship and I had no problem forgiving and forgetting any of the others. Are there some cases or personalities that just can not forgive and forget? Is this just too much water under the bridge?



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