Q&A Can I Trust That the Affair Is Really Over?

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My husband of 29 years had a 2 1/2 year affair, ending in March of this year. We just finished EMS Weekend and it was amazing! I believe we‘re on a solid path to healing but I have a question. My husband says he and the affair partner just slowly fell away from each other. I've seen in other videos that an important part of healing requires there to be a clear-cut ending to the affair. My husband says he’s had no contact with affair partner for nine months and although he never really discussed it with her, the affair is over. However, I read the last email his affair partner sent in March declaring her love and desire to see him again, to which I responded: "I advise you to focus on your marriage and stay out of mine". I signed my name so she knew the affair was out in the open. I then had my husband deactivate the secret email account they’d been communicating through. Assuming my husband is telling the truth, is a formal “it’s over” end to the affair still indicated? I just want to rest in peace, and not pull the wool over my eyes, nor do I wish to stir the pot unnecessarily.



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