Q&A Can a Sex Addict With This History be a Danger to Their Own Children?

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Is a sexual addicted father, with a past history in his early teens inappropriately touching his younger siblings a danger to his own children especially in baby/toddler years when a child doesn't understand or have words to tell of what is happening?



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Be very careful who you trust

I would be very cautious in trusting someone in this situation. I can tell you from experience that if there is any past history of acting out inappropriately, even as a child, they are capable of repeating it as an adult. My husband was exposed to porn at a very young age. There were things he would not disclose to me because he said they were too shameful. I believe his secrets led him to attempt a molestation of his step daughter, and because of that I do not trust him with our daughter. Ladies, please do everything you can to protect your children. Do for them what they can not do for themselves.