Q&A Can You Help Me Better Understand the Survey?

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I just completed the AR survey and wanted to ask for clarification on one of the questions. The survey asks if I had to do it all over again would I choose the same mate? This puzzles me as I can not imagine anyone would ever want to get married knowing the pain of infidelity and betrayal is coming. My wife and I are both working hard and I have much hope for our future but I certainly do not think I would have agreed to marry her 22 years ago if I had known she was going to cheat. Is the question really asking do I want to be married to the same person - absent the betrayal - now that we are working toward recovery? This also confuses me as the course work has told me to let go of the old marriage and seek something new. As a result, the question seems like an odd benchmark. Thank you for any insight - and I truly am grateful for all the resources of AR.



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