Q&A How Can I Get ALL the Truth?

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Rick, we have been to see you privately, so you know our story...20 years, 2 affairs with the same coworker, trickle truthing for the past few years, taken Harboring hope, Hope for Healing, EMSW and EMSO. We have been married for almost 38 years now. We are 3 and a half years from Dday 1 and 18 months from Dday 2. I recently learned yet another significant detail about a visit to a Mexico City strip club in which he received a happy ending from the stripper. This was a totally new revelation and he had not disclosed it during our EMS courses. He also admitted to visits to strip clubs where we live but just to watch. What now? After frequent assurances that he "has told me everything" before this last revelation, here is yet another deception. And this one is significant since it could adversely affect my health as he admits that no protection was used. I feel like I am moving backwards now. The disgust and disappointment are overwhelming. I am questioning our entire marriage now, not just the 20 years he was with the coworker. We are both 60 years old and I think I am too old to start over in a new relationship. At this point, I don't think I will ever be able to take down my wall because every time I have done so, I learn something new that should have been disclosed at the beginning. i feel that we are destined to live as roommates for the remainder of our marriage. What are your thoughts and any suggestions for getting ALL of the truth out?



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