Q&A Why Did the Affair Partner Try to Tear Our Family Apart?

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My husband was flirting with someone from work when I was pregnant with our 2nd son. Before our 2nd son was born, he claims that he ended things with the affair partner. After our 2nd son was born he began sleeping with the affair partner again. Instead of coming home to take care of his wife and two children, he was having sex and dinner with his affair partner. I was recovering from a C-section, fighting postpartum depression, and taking care of our two children during his affair. The affair partner told me that my children were interrupting their dates because he had to go home to take care of them. All those times and business trips, she knew that I was at home, taking care of the children. I feel as if I enabled and supported their affair. He basically spent our money, time, and efforts on her instead of his own family. She encouraged him, texting him to come over because she would make it worth his while and offered him free sex. How could the both of them do this while I was taking care of an infant and a toddler? Don't you think that what they did was evil in nature? How could two people be that selfish and self centered? How could she, as a female, sleep with a married man and try to separate him from his two children and family? I'm tired of hearing how broken people are to hurt others...I'm broken but yet, I have not reached out to hurt his affair partner. I am just trying to heal myself so that I can be available and healthy for my children.



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