Q&A How Do We Move Forward If I Don't Remember 100% of the Affair Details?

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My memory on the affair is not as clear as my betrayed spouse would like it to be. I feel that I have disclosed all the information I can remember. However, there have been so many lies and deceptions that I can't remember them all. My betrayed spouse asks questions about events I haven't thought of and I have genuine difficulty remembering the details. She feels that I am lying to her but in actuality I have trouble remembering all the affair details. She has difficulty believing me since I can remember all the movies I've seen as well as pop culture references. She is tired of finding things out and I am frustrated that I can't remember. I try to remember in the moment and tell her. I'll come back to her later and say that I remembered the details and that I was wrong about what I remembered. She gets angry and thinks that I lied to her when I initially tried to recall the details. My memory tries but falls short of her expectations. Am I the only one who has troubling remembering everything 100%?



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