Q&A How Can My Husband Understand My Desire for Him and Wanting Him to Desire Me?

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During my unfaithful husband's affair which lasted over a year, he was very sexually active with his AP who happens to be a prostitute. The AP became his mistress (he financially supported her and became exclusive to him). AP lives in another state and they will meet up across the country during business trips (which lasts a week or so), they met up almost every month. During his affair, my unfaithful husband rejected me when I would initiate to have sex, citing reasons that he was tired or did not have the same desire anymore. I respected that even though I like sex a lot. You can imagine my anger when I found out about the affair. On D-Day, my husband chose me over his AP and had no problem shutting the door on her. He realized that he cannot live without me. He gave his heart and life back to Jesus and since then is a different person. He is now the kind of husband I have always wanted. I have access to his cellphone and his computer. EMS weekend did help us a lot in the recovery. My husband and I would now engage in sex almost everyday. My problem is, I almost always initiate. I always want that connection with him. I wish he would initiate though because it will make me feel desired. I asked him why he would not and his answer is "I don't know... Maybe I am afraid, or why don't you let me initiate?" I know there were mornings when he wanted me but all he does is hold me. I would wait for him to make a move but he would not get pass holding me, then I feel like I have to make a move (did I not say I like sex?). I love my husband ( I am very attracted to him) and I love having sex with him, but I wish he would initiate. Is there anything wrong with me? How can my husband understand my desire for him and wanting him to desire me?



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