Q&A How Can Someone Completely Ignore Their Spouse Like This?

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My Dday was Nov 2015. My husband and I have been separated since that day. We had little to no contact initially, but he started to come around, but then again began ignoring me. Said he wanted a divorce but would never file. I eventually filed, but did not really want to divorce. He agreed to go to the EMS weekend and we attended it in June. Initially I felt like the information was not helpful, but as the weekend progressed I started to understand and listen more. After the very intense and difficult weekend was over I finally heard the words I had been wanting to hear from my husband "I finally get it." After the weekend he was doing really well. Doing things he said he wound, did the aftercare, made the effort with me, told me things he had never shared with me during our marriage. We were making progress slowly. I was working on myself and was making positive changes as well. Then something happened. He decided he couldn't commit to the process and since then it has been 6 weeks and we haven't spoken. He won't answer phone calls or return texts messages.

I feel abandoned all over again. How does a man ignore his wife and make zero effort with communication?

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