Q&A How Can We Create Safety When We Are Apart?

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We are 7 months out from an EMSW, currently in week 23 of MFL, and having good progress. We are using the tools given to navigate the ups and downs of recovery and definitely have an upward trajectory. My husband, the wayward, enjoys going to the gym, but has a lust problem. He is willing to skip the gym because this triggers me and he hasn't been for over 2 years. I want him to enjoy life as the gym is a stress reliever for him. I know I can't control him, his eyes or thoughts. Is it ok that he isn't going to the gym because of me? How do we handle having a balance of enjoying living our own life and doing things when those things can trigger our spouse? He wants to go, and I want him to go, but I don't want him to go all at the same time. Help me sort this out please.



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