Q&A How do We Handle This Challenge Regarding Safety?

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Rick, my wife and I are about a year past D-day and 11 weeks into EMS Online. With the first D-day anniversary looming upon me, my wife has asked me if i would be OK with her voluntarily attending a function with her girl-friends where her AP would be present. I told her that I was not OK and we had a couple of days of silent treatment after which we talked more about the matter. I explained to her how for me its a matter of safety and the fear that such a situation presents. I am very grateful for her asking me and taking the necessary precautions by being accompanied by her friends. I see this, however, as a misunderstanding between us as to what such an ask and situation represents and how painful it is for me. She sees it as a limitation of her freedom and I see it as a consequence of what happened and as a safe behavior towards me. During our calm discussion, we have not arrived at any solution or conclusion but did explain each others' position. A week later, she asked me if I had changed my mind. I still see it as an unresolved issue that will resurface in a different way. Is she getting it?



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