Q&A How Could a Polygraph be a Threat if there is Nothing to Hide?

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Hi Rick, We are 6 months from the final d day. My husband continues to go above and beyond anything I could possibly want him to do. He is working on recover, and is back in AA, sober 11 months. We went through EMSO, joined a church and pray together every day. He is attentive, considerate and more helpful around the house than in all 32 years of marriage combined. We have grown closer than we have ever been. He is the man I've always wanted. But something in my gut is telling me I don't know everything. He has refused to take a polygraph, because he believes it could jeopardize his security clearance for work. Counseling is also out, for the same reason. The sex addiction therapist we saw actually confirmed that. My question is, how could taking this test be a threat, if he has nothing to hide? What really pisses me off is that he risked his security clearance every single time he saw a prostitute over the past thirteen years. He also risked his clearance every single time he drove drunk. The way I see it is that he risked his marriage for them. He risked his clearance for them. Yet he refuses to risk it for me and our marriage.



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