Q&A How Do I Survive If I Have to Live with the Affair Partner?

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Our situation is unique. We lost our home and having no other place to go. We are living at my mother in laws house which is also where the affair partner lives. I thought I could be the bigger person but things are harder than I thought they would be. I'm triggered every time I see her. My husband and I have regressed into frequent arguing over her. I'm embarrassed of people hearing especially the affair partner. I am suspicions there is something between them. If he ignores her it's triggering because of our past in which he pretended not to like her and claimed he ignored her and when there is any discussion with affair partner he stays calm and collected as to keep the piece which causes me jealousy and suspicion of it either being not over and ongoing or that he has feelings for her. I told him I no longer want to be hear but he says we have no where else to go. I feel like he doesn't care and I have no choice in the matter. My husband is currently unemployed and I am the only income. His mom has really helped us get back on our feet but I feel like my husband has turned his back on me since we started living hear focusing on keeping the peace with everyone. How do I get through this? I'm beginning to believe my husband never meant a word he said to me.



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Mom I'll always love you and always be their to support you

You'll always have me no matter what and if theirs anything I can do to help just ask and I'll try my best

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