Q&A I Think I'm Done...

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It's been just under 18 months since D-Day and I am at a point of not wanting anything. At first my husband was going to counseling, we did EMSO and continued with weekly calls to our group and we have continued as leaders. I asked for marriage counseling. He said he would but he is concerned that his job will give him a hard time about missing work like they did in the beginning. Many times I ask for him to learn and take over financial matters and get a yes, without any follow through. This is very similar to what our marriage was before. I'm tired of it. I feel no love for him and our conversations are at a minimum. He says he feels like an outcast and I don't have any empathy when he says this. I'm cold, reserved and guarded and truly want to call it quits. To me, this is not a beneficial relationship to either one of us.



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