Q&A Is It Okay to Have Sexual Fantasies of My Wife?

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I'm a recovery sex addict who was unfaithful to my wife. Is it okay to have sexual fantasies of my wife? Is this considered slipping or being unfaithful due to old habits have acting out to these type of thoughts?



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Wow. The answer seems like it

Wow. The answer seems like it's good in the context of an affair, but not in the context of sexual addiction. For a sex addict, any kind of fantasizing requires caution, because it restimulates the habit. And I would go beyond "is it degrading"? If the fantasies are about your wife doing things she would never actually do, then you are just watching homemade porn and re-enforcing objectification of your wife instead of moving you toward a loving connection with a real human being. Please be very careful and honest in your assessment of what you are actually doing.