Q&A Should We Achieve Full Disclosure Now or Wait?

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We attended the EMS workshop last month. There, my husband seemed to begin to understand my pain and did apologize for his infidelity. Since we have returned home, we have got along better and he began to show little signs of affection. The problem is that he refuses to have full disclosure. He will not verbally commit to me that he has no contact with his AP. He will not discuss or answer any of my questions about his affair. He has not made himself accountable by sharing passwords, etc., with me. He has made no effort to get counseling, or join a men's support group. We are getting along much better so I am afraid to "rock the boat". However, we haven't dealt with the internal issues of this infidelity and it's hard for me to feel safe and trust him. I'm so afraid this pattern will repeat itself, as it has in the past, with the same woman. This is so hard. What do I do? Do I push him to get full disclosure? Do I give him some space, so we can enjoy each other again before dealing with these difficult issues?



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I hear all of the talk about

I hear all of the talk about what the US does to come clean and disclose, but if they've lied about it all along, what makes me think they won't still be lying during any other part of the recovery process? The sky is blue, but at this point, if my UH told me that I would have to wonder if it might instead be an odd shade of red or something. The lies come so fast, with such indignation, and even the therapist seems surprised at how easily it happens. I don't understand why there's so much emphasis put on what the Unfaithful say... because a person who is a psychopath or a narcissist isn't interested in truth.

What type of affair was it?

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