Q&A Suggestions for a Stalker?

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Hi Rick, we are in week 13 of emos and it has been a tremendous help. We have a problem though, my husband’s AP stalks him at work. He does not make eye contact or talk to her but she is going out of her way to cross paths with him. She has not told her husband of the affair. And, since we have not told our children, who are all grown and out of the house, there is risk for my family if I confront her and quite honestly I do not want to be destructive to her family. Can you please help with any information of how long we should expect this to happen, will she give up? What would you recommend we do? I do not want to be hasty with any decisions but feel we need a plan. The affair lasted a little less than a year. D-day was july 2015 and final contact and disconnect of "friendship" was not until february 2016. We need help. We want our marriage, but I constantly feel at risk because of her relentless desire to regain their relationship. Thank you!



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