Q&A Should We Send a Cease and Desist to the Affair Partner?

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I discovered their affair after she moved out of state when I found his letter ending their relationship but reading more like a love letter. He changed all his personal contact info on D-Day. She sent several messages to his work email in the months after D-Day, each longer & more angry & pleading. We have since learned she has moved back to town, taken her old job & has visited our church. Last weekend he received a long diatribe, written over several months, cursing him, praising him sexually, saying how devastated she is, asking why he’d stay with someone who makes him unhappy, letting him know she’s always available to him, threatening to harm herself, blaming him for her alcoholism, threatening to ruin him, her door will always be open to him, the ball is in his court, she needs him to quell her "panic attacks" & stoke her sexual fires, she wasn't doing well without her"best friend". He brought it home & gave it to me, but he also read it, which upset me because this how she hooked him again when he tried to break off their affair. It was disloyal & a very bad idea for him to continue reading it once he knew what it was. He thinks this is her way of getting closure. I think it’s a continuation of ever more desperate attempts to get him back.



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