Q&A Is There Any Hope for Our Marriage?

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We recently attended the EMS Weekend. I had already known about 4 of my husband affairs. After many D-Days, He finally decided to come completely clean last week and took a polygraph after words. I just found out that he had started cheating on me within 5 years of our marriage and had been with 17 women within a 35 year period. I had no clue. WE NEVER had a fight in our marriage. He has been super repentant and has been in major counseling for over a year now and is getting to the root of his issue. I am willing to stay because I understand inner healing. Here is my question. How in the world do I wrap my head around what I thought was my life? I feel like I’ve faded away, that nothing in my marriage was real. I am so lost. I can only explain the pain in picture... I have no words. I am in regular counseling... have had EMDR and I am taking anti-depressants... If you have any word for me... please pass them on. Is there any hope for our marriage? He is so repentant and we’ve done so much work already.



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