Q&A What Does Healing Look Like for a Betrayed Husband?

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Hi Rick. I am the unfaithful wife and we are going into week 7 of EMSO, the Empathy letter. My husband has struggled significantly with anger but the last couple weeks have been fairly steady and we have made good progress. However, after the List of Costs in Week 5, he began the slow downward spiral again. He is now back at the anger stage where he is using alcohol to cope (because he says he can't get through the day without it) and doesn't feel like he has healed at all even though he has used some of the EMSO tools to manage intrusive thoughts, image, and his overall anger over the last couple weeks. To me, it seems like he has made progress in managing his emotions and responses. What does healing look like for a betrayed husband? He doesn't believe he will ever heal. We are 5 months from D-day and I try to assure him this is normal and that he will feel whole again. But even I don't know what that actually looks like in practice. I would appreciate your guidance.



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